Not as much time as I think

The late Ellen Margron facilitated my Fisher-Hoffman group many moons ago and became a good friend.  She — in my opinion — had a little trouble taking off the teacher/therapist hat and though I loved her and knew she loved me too, having a friend who was that far into my head made me a little twitchy.  She wanted to teach me all her work and I was flattered but didn’t feel ready to be the first apprentice.

So I stayed in touch but kept a distance, thinking that at some future point I’d be ready and we’d spend more time together.  She died before we got to have any of that future.  Now I’ve become stronger and I know I could hold my own with her.  I want to understand her wonderful Emotional Mastery work better and to ask questions and hang out….

This isn’t the first time someone has died while I diddled around about how to deal so you’d think I’d have gotten the lesson.  And to be honest I’m not so sure I’ll do any better next time.


Please add your thoughts; love a good discussion!

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