The boring intro post

I started writing these little pieces a couple of months ago.  I haven’t really been drawn to the blogosphere, so when I wondered what to do with them, “blog” wasn’t the first thing to come to mind but when I read a news blurb about some of the better blog hosts I thought it just might be the right forum.

The pieces are thoughts about my own journey and insights about general issues in metaphysics and about health and healing.  I’ve picked up a thing or two in 25 years of yoga, meditation, soul searching, workshops, practices, etc., so you might actually find some useful ideas.  My hope is to start some conversations, so please post your thoughts.

I only plan to post a couple a week.  At the moment I have a small stockpile so I’m good for two/week for a while.  Never been a journal-er in a consistent way, so expect some gaps.  The good news is that this first time you get a “two for” special, so after this boring introduction you can read a real entry.


Please add your thoughts; love a good discussion!

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