Self-Love – The New Earth Corner Stone


I’ve believed for so long that self love is a key component — it was lovely to read this confirmation, along with some new ideas.

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Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for

Summary of Brenda’s July 25, 2014 channeled, free, 15-minute, channeled “Creation Energies” show at You’ve discovered your core fear. Now it’s time to be gifted with elements or entities – your dreams. Once again, you need to ask ‘what’ and ‘why’. Are the gifts part of your core fear or the new you? The next few days you will establish self-love – the basis of the remainder of your life in this new earth.

The title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her free, weekly, channeled blog for “Get Over Yourself – Accept Joy”

Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.

Dear Ones,

Let us begin with what you have been pining for for eons – the love and joy of new earth. Yet, you continue to forget or ignore the basic new…

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Chant, Pray, Meditate– Be Peace

Have you set aside 10 minutes for peace on Sunday? Pray, chant, meditate, perform a ceremony…  Whatever brings you peace.  Just 10 minutes.  See the CPS page for more info.

The Forgiveness Project will start soon (Aug. 1), for which I’ve invited all of you to sign up for one of the dates from Aug. 1-14, make a post on your blog about forgiveness and link to the original post:

So far posts will be made on Aug. 2, 5, 6 and 14.  The rest of the days are open.

Food and Creating Reality


This is one of those posts about which I wavered… which blog, which blog? Scribblings won largely because it’s where I post about cooking and food, but then I thought it really belongs here too.

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Good for you?

For many years I’ve been contemplating the question whether we create reality as to food or whether food dictates our reality — and I’ve blogged about it before.  You could say it’s a bugaboo of mine…

I really believe that our thoughts create/shape reality.  For me that includes food.  My thoughts about food can impact how the food affects me.  Now, I’m aware that we here in the US have an odd relationship with food.  And my deep, underlying beliefs about food are impacted by the zaniness that surrounds me.  So I try to tread a line between obeying some of the “rules” of food that people spout–understanding that what practitioners tell me affects me strongly–and assuming that I can influence how any type of food serves or dis-serves me.

I scratch my head over the many people who say they believe that thoughts create reality but treat food…

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A round of forgiveness posts?

cloud for bluegrass blogIn yesterday’s post I invited participation in making posts about forgiveness, but at the end of the post.  Thought I’d reiterate with the invitation as the only piece. I’m going to do a bunch of forgiveness work Aug. 1-14.  I’d love to have you write a post on one of those days about your experience of forgiveness.  Whether you want to participate in forgiveness practices with me for those two weeks and write about it or tell a past story about forgiveness or lack of it is up to you.

  1. sign up for one of the dates Aug. 1-14 — Aug. 5 is taken and I will do Aug. 14
  2. write the post and put it up on YOUR blog
  3. link to this post:

Each day I’ll put up a link here to that day’s post.


A round of forgiveness

Clipart MP900446423 by iCLIPART

Clipart MP900446423 by iCLIPART

A few weeks ago Julianne from Through a Peacock’s Eyes got in touch to tell me she’d “gotten” some info about me while reading a post and that she felt I need healing regarding an ancestor or past life.  That launched an exchange about the ceremony I put together and performed last year.

I’d realized that an ancestor I’d uncovered some years ago had much to do with the tightness in my head and that she was still holding tight (see this post).  Julianne felt that I needed to do a ceremony of forgiveness — that the ancestor needs to be forgiven before she can completely let go.

I’ve been thinking about it since then and realizing that I tend to be cursory about the forgiveness piece.  Not that I don’t work on it or that I haven’t done many ceremonies, practices, and prayers of forgiveness but I don’t always think to do it.  And even when I do, it often doesn’t seem to stick.  I liked the idea of forgiveness for that ancestor but I felt that I wanted to do more.

To be honest, I’ve been a little ticked off at all my ancestors since I figured out how many negative patterns I carry that were passed down by them.  When a friend forwarded me a piece that urged us to be thankful to our ancestors I felt myself tense up and think, “What for?”  Followed by some unrepeatable grumbling.  And there are a few members of my family for whom I’ve performed a variety of forgiveness exercises, only to realize later that I’m still angry.

So I’ve decided that I want to do a more comprehensive forgiveness practice.  I’m working on creating another ceremony.  Fortunately I really like the opening, space-setting, etc. pieces of the ceremony I already created so I don’t have to do it all again.  Just working on the prayer or spell of forgiveness to put in.

I’ve decided that I want to devote two weeks to forgiveness  (keep reading for an invitation below).  My plan is to focus on a particular person or group every few days.  For those days I’ll say the lovingkindness chant and Mornah’s Prayer every day for that person and do the ceremony on that person’s last day.  I’ll post from time to time throughout.

My invitation to you:  I plan to do this forgiveness work starting Aug. 1 for two weeks.  During that time I’d like to invite you to sign up for one of the days from Aug. 1-14 to write a post about forgiveness.  You can participate along with me in working on forgiveness and write a post about your experience.  You can write a post about a past experience of forgiveness.  You can write a post about something you can’t forgive.  As long as it’s a personal account having to do with forgiveness, it works.  I’ll post a list of all those who are signed up to post and every day I’ll put a link to  your post here.  Please link to this post in your post so I get the pingback to tell me your post is there.   Use the comments below to sign up for the date you want.

My secret life; remember to chant for peace

wizard book cover


It all started when my cousin’s twins got me to sign up for Disney’s Pixie Hollow.  I really enjoyed it.  The twins grew out of it while their mom and I kept playing…  Late last summer Disney shut it down.  I missed it.  Kept running searches to find similar sites and finding disappointment instead.  I looked at Wizard 101 a few times before I tried it.  Once I tried I became intrigued.

I’d never played a complex computer game like that before and much of it seemed mysterious.  I was especially surprised at how much the game’s help files didn’t tell me.  I did lots of research and found posts on the site’s wiki and various blogs that helped but it seemed odd to have to gather information from all over the place.

One of the things I’m good at is putting together complex information and finding a way to explain the basics. I felt like there was a need for a guide to the game and that I should write it.  I also noticed that a LOT of the advice came from very high level players who’d obviously forgotten the parameters of the game at the lower levels.  My guide is specifically for players level 40 and below.

Yes, I’ve been missing in action a lot because of lack of sleep and headaches, but I’ve also been missing in action because I’ve been figuring out this game and playing it and researching and writing about it.  Started a blog about it too — Wizard101 Basics for Non-Gamers.  And I’ve actually had a lot of fun.

It’s finally finished and just uploaded to Kindle. It’s available here.  So there it is, my secret life.  Now I’m gonna get back to writing the rest of Relating Heart to Heart – and I’ll still be playing the game…

Don’t forget it’s time to chant or pray for peace!  See the Collective Prayer Sunday page for more info.

Layers unraveling — the energy we lose…

Wikipedia Facial Muscles


As I struggle with the unwinding muscles I keep being struck by the vast amounts of my energy that have obviously been bound up in holding all of this tightness.  It isn’t a new thought; as the process of restoring my muscles from all of them being steely, twisted, and glued-together has moved along I’ve been aware that my energy increases as my body opens.  But there’s something about the slow journey from cement-like to healthy in my head and face that has really brought it home.

Most of this year I’ve felt like I’m barely hanging on in one sense.  The constant unwinding of the muscles in my face, while miraculous, is also painful and wearing.  It interferes so much with sleep that I’m often just catching naps whenever I can.  Keeping to any kind of schedule is nearly impossible.  Exercise, meditation, cooking, cleaning — all these things have become hit or miss.  It’s hard not to feel like a failure when I so rarely do what I meant to do.

The shining light that keeps me taking one more step each day is the amazing feeling as life is restored to one tiny place at a time.  Every increment of blood and prana flow restored show me how much energy did NOT flow.  Every piece that opens reveals how very much energy has been devoted to holding all this steely tightness from head to toe for most of my life.

You can see in the picture above that there are many layers of muscles in your face.  Every single one of those was twisted like steely pipe and every single one that you can see connected to others was intertwined with and glued together in groups with every connected piece.  I can now feel parts of my face that I have no memory of feeling.  The body is like that — lots of layers, lots of interconnections.  Once one part goes off they all start twisting to fit the pattern.

I’ve said it many times — I know that most people don’t have a situation with their muscles as bad as mine.  But I also know that TMJ, tight necks and shoulders, near-sightedness and back pain–to name a few–are rampant.  And I’m not sure that everybody realizes how much of their energy is lost to those holding patterns.  Various sorts of body work help with these things but at some point I think it takes personal work.  If you don’t practice yoga or some sort of pattern-ending movement (see here for the work I developed) in between, body work will rarely take you the whole way.   Emotions are also in there. These holding patterns contain parts of your story.  Parts of your ancestors’ stories.  You don’t have to dredge up every detail but I do think you have to be willing to look inward and see what you’re holding in there.

It takes time.  This isn’t stuff you can plan on fixing with a few body work sessions or one “release the past” exercise.  Most people don’t have to go through the excruciatingly slow process that I’ve had to go through but these patterns take time.  I think I’ve been led through this long slow process so that I could feel every stage of opening and be aware of it all.  And to spread the word — do the work.  It’s worth it.

DON’T FORGET TO CHANT FOR PEACE!  See Collective Prayer Sundays for info.


Bliss is but a breath away


One after another today i keep running into e-mails and blog posts that are germane to current stuff. This could be me she’s describing…

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Definition of BLISS

:  complete happiness


Mixed media on watercolour paper Louise Gallagher 2014

Mixed media on watercolour paper
Louise Gallagher 2014

I have spent a lifetime attempting to pummel my world into shape. To beat into submission errant thoughts that would keep me from attaining everything I wanted in life. I have pushed and shoved and moved and huffed and puffed and railed and screamed and cried and yearned and done pretty well everything to get what I wanted.

And in my brute force attack of having the life I wanted, I lost the very thing I was searching for. Inner peace. Contentment. Bliss.

And no matter the gyrations of my being here, the universe kept turning. The world kept spinning.

The universe doesn’t care. It is.

The universe is everything and all. It resonates at the highest frequency, eternal. Ever-lasting.

It’s me, the mortal, the constantly searching, continually…

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Inspiring exercise!

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The Full Moon in Capricorn is this Saturday, July 12th, bringing certain relationship dynamics to a head. Wherever communication has been lacking and emotions have been held in and back, prepare for whatever is pressing to come out on the table. Fortunately, Mars will also be trining loving Venus, which means if you are pure in your intentions to find a meeting ground and to resolve to evolve, your spirited talks will show the way.  Kristin Fontana, Evolutionary Astrologer


I recently returned to New York for the summer, grateful for the time and space to attempt to bring my book from chaos to order. Practices, rituals and ceremonies are woven throughout the book. As I was preparing for this upcoming full moon I thought to share an excerpt so you may use this time as an opportunity to transform your fears. For any ritual or ceremony, create a…

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Chanting, praying, peace … maybe some sleep?

Can’t remember the last time I had a whole night’s sleep.  The good news is that the unwinding muscles are making great progress.  If my brain is functioning it’s doing it on some alternate plane.  I used to say this felt like someone stuck a pin in me and let my air out.  Now it’s something worse.  Like gutted.  But I don’t like that one.  Is there a really juicy word or phrase for something worse than having your air let out?  See?  Alternate plane…

I can pull it together, though, to remind you:  IT’S TIME TO CHANT FOR PEACE!  Check out the details on Collective Prayer Sundays here.

Are Soul & Spirit different?

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Are Soul and Spirit different?  Yes, in duality they are, but in oneness they are not.

This is my morning contemplation.

I have been trying to forgive myself for creating some recent suffering.  This is what created the suffering… I took something personal,  I tried to change something outside of myself,  and I judged.

I listen a lot to others because I am not usually in a state of trying to figure things out. I usually just am without much of an agenda other than to be present. I am in a state of surrender. I listen because I have compassion. But truly if we are not trying to figure things out would there be that much to talk about. If we do not talk about the past, about others or about what we are trying to achieve in the future…..what’s left to talk about? If we were fully present we…

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My first post – All about me!


My friend Susan just started a blog and this is her first post. Enjoy!

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The blue chair

The blue chair

Susan Rea Caldwell is a busy retired person who has interests in many areas.

• I am a Reiki Master/Teacher having been attuned since 1996 and hosting workshops since 1998! It was love at first touch.

• I am an Akashic Records consultant trained in 2006 through the program of Akashic Records Consultants International. Occasionally I combine Reiki and a consult creating a session that allows for a deeper focus.

• I became a labyrinth facilitator trained through Veriditas in 2007.

• I am an author having published two novels. Betty Rea is an embellishment of my grandmother’s life. She was a strong, determined and innovative woman who worked her way through many trials. Joseph’s Journey is a story I “heard” about the journey Joseph and Mary took from Nazareth to Bethlehem and the earth angels who came to their aid. I also have published three manuals…

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Our Bodies, Our World (PS Chant for Peace time!)

Lately as I’ve struggled with the healing journey I’ve been thinking a lot about the world and the environment and how I think the physical and emotional health of each of us has an impact on the world.  Particularly as I’ve read about environmental issues and earth changes it has felt to me that the earth is undergoing a process much like the opening and shifting I experience every day.

The world and all her people, plants and animals are one.  One interconnected web of life. I look around at the stiff bodies everywhere, I feel the buried angst surrounding me.  How can the earth be healthy when we aren’t?  At the same time, more people are healing and the earth is shifting and changing with us.

In my movement classes I see so many blank looks when I try to explain that life feels better when the body is open and flowing.  When I try to tell people that I think the most important job each of us can do is to heal many look at me like I’m daft.  Heal emotionally  Heal physically.  Heal the world.  Oneness means that the state of being and the energy of each of us is contributing to the state of the whole.  I see a correlation between the current state of the world and the health of its population.  When enough people heal, I believe the earth will heal.

It;s hard work.  I watch people bump up against places that don’t want to let go and they start making the movements smaller or quit coming to class.  They don’t want to go there.  I get it.  Looking in all those dark corners isn’t fun — though the relief after something is released is heavenly.  Lots of the patterns involving tight muscles relate to buried memories, emotions and issues.  Healing yourself is a big job.  Healing the world is a big job. But the thing is, you don’t have to take responsibility for changing the government or healing the planet or stopping crime.  The only place where you have complete responsibility and control is over yourself.  Heal yourself.  Heal the world.  I’m trying to figure out how to say it so it makes sense to people.

Restore your body to flowing and with the healing and release, be the change in the world.


Don’t forget about Collective Prayer Sunday.  I’ve been working on the challenge I offered to chant for Rara’s accusers.  As always, the chant is softening my heart and my feelings around the case.  I’m a little behind on blog stuff so if there’s been any outward change, I don’t know.  But as my heart softens I know that the only space I want to hold around this is the one that has love for everyone involved.

Managing Manna: part two

Rush hour on US Route 101 through Millbrae, Ca...

Rush hour on US Route 101 through Millbrae, California. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Serge King likes to tell stories.  The second important thing I learned about manna arrived with a story that I’ve never forgotten.  His wife, he told us, doesn’t like to drive in slow, congested traffic conditions like rush hour.  She could spend hours a day for years building a level of manna that would be enough to overcome the powerful beliefs of hundreds of thousands of other drivers about what happens at rush hour.  She could do that and hope to build enough energy to some day be able to create a clear flow for her car to move swiftly through the city at rush hour.  Instead, she doesn’t drive at rush hour.

Just because the “thoughts create reality” theory implies that you can use your thoughts to do anything doesn’t mean that it should always be your choice to focus your energy on changing/shifting/magnetizing something.  Realistically even if you do practice to build manna, you still have a given level and vibrational tone.  It’s unlikely that you’re going to build a level of energy that will let you stop hurricanes, alter the flow of traffic, magnetize the lottery, release old beliefs, attract a better relationship and change careers to be successful at another.

Sometimes you have to choose which things in life are worth focusing your energy on and which have some other solution or can be left alone.

I find a great relief at times in realizing that I have to stick within the limits of my energy.  Sometimes when I mention a thought pattern that’s clearly negative or mildly detrimental in some way, someone will imply that I should be using affirmations or will or something to shift it.  Like most people, though, my life is filled with thought patterns from my past, from ancestral threads, from past lives.  I don’t have the energy to change every pattern at once.  I tell them I’m working on as many issues as I feel I can handle and that one just isn’t high enough on the priority list for me to focus energy and attention on it now.

On bigger things it’s easier for me to see.  I like moderately warm, sunny days with low humidity.  In California that weather predominated.  Here in Kentucky, not so much; in fact kind of rare.  Now I could practice chi gung a few hours a day to build manna/chi to the immense level I’d need to impact the weather patterns here.  But I live with the weather that’s here.  I don’t have to give it much thought to know that I’m not going to spend years working that hard just to have different weather.  If it meant that much to me, I could move back to California.

Not only do you need to have a level of manna that is at least as high as the level of what you’re trying to shift or change, but you also have to make choices about what you want to use your manna for.

Another example from Serge helped to illustrate that:  if you are making $500 a month and you decide you want to magnetize a $50 million lottery, you might spend your lifetime to do it.  The gap between the energy you’re holding that draws only $500 and the giant lottery is so immense it’s unlikely to happen.  But if you’re making $500 and you start affirming that you now make $1000, that’s a small build that is believable to your consciousness and in line with the amount of manna you have.  Then when you get the $1000 if you focus on $2000, this step by step process is likely to work.  Substitute whatever element of life you want instead of money and the step by step process is similar.

When I realized that my low energy had a big impact I could see that building my energy and restoring my health were the necessary first steps for me to build to the career and life I see for myself.

Do you consciously choose where to focus your energy?

See last post for part one.

Managing Manna: part one

The tai chi master Yang Chengfu

The tai chi master (Wikipedia)

Note: it’s time to pray for peace; see below

Back when I took some classes on Huna from Serge King, one of the many teachings that stuck with me concerned manna.  According to Serge, manna is the Huna equivalent to prana or chi.  Vital force energy.

In the parts of Huna that are widely taught, manifestation is a major piece.  Serge made a couple of points about manna relative to manifestation that really stayed with me.  It’s taken years for me to understand more fully how they fit with other teaching about manifestation, but I got the basic import early on.

His first point:  anything you want to manifest has some amount of energy.  The amount of manna–chi/prana–that you have has to be at least as big as the manna of what you want to attract.  Whether it’s a job, an amount of money, a kind of car or a great relationship, it has some amount of energy.   If your energy is too small or too tamped down relative to what you want to attract, you won’t manifest that thing.

At the time, I had been working on moving my life toward some dreams/visions I’d had about who I came here to be and what I came to do.  I felt quite frustrated that it seemed nothing was happening.  Lots of internal change, lots of personality shifts, but the life I tried to create remained elusive.  My life in those days was far more restricted by chronic fatigue and the issues with my muscles than it is now but it took a while for it to sink in that in my state of health I didn’t have the manna/chi draw that life to me. Realistically, even if I drew it, I literally didn’t have the stamina to live that life.

I began to concentrate more on restoring my health and less on trying to create that new life.  As you know if you’ve been reading a while, I haven’t completed that healing journey yet.  But I’m enough stronger than I can see a difference in what I draw into my life — as I get stronger, I manifest more.

Something like 10 years after studying Huna, the Law of Attraction and other similar materials started teaching that feeling tone is important in manifestation.  If you want joy you need to have a feeling of joy.  The more positive your thoughts, the more open the space for the Universe to send in what you dream of.  I think it’s a little more than that.  While the mental space you’re holding has a lot to do with your feelings, I think that manna/chi is also important.

While you can choose a feeling tone to hold and work with your mind to keep positive or happy thoughts, I think you can also work on building manna/chi.  There are lots of practices like tai chi or pranayama that specifically build vital force energy.  When that energy is strong and flowing it also tends to influence mood and thoughts, so these things impact one another.  Positive thinking can also give you more energy.

It really helped me when I felt into the dreams I had for my life and realized how big the energyof them was and then felt into my “low chi” issues. In that light the gulf between the manna of my envisioned life and the manna I carried at the time became clear.  Does your manna match your dream?

Part two will look at manna and making choices.

Collective Prayer Sundays:  In case you’re new, we’re finding 10 minutes at a minimum to pray or chant or meditate (or???) for peace every Sunday.  Details are on the CPS page.  For comments:  you can comment here or on that page or you can go to the Facebook page.