Angeles Arrien

I belatedly learned last night of Angeles Arriens’ death last spring and was so sorry to hear it.  I only encountered her once, when she stepped in to replace a teacher who cancelled out from teaching at Nine Gates during my Session 1 experience.  That one time had a big impact.

It was the only time she ever taught at Nine Gates and I was so grateful to have been there.  In those days we were able to get tapes of the whole Nine Gates experience.  Over the next five or six years I listened to the tapes of Angeles’ segment a number of times.  A few things she taught have been touchstones for me ever since.

I’ve written about my favorite teaching previously so I’ll give the short version here.  If you can only see love when it’s expressed YOUR way, you may miss all kinds of love that surrounds you.  Other people will express love their way; can you open the channels to receive it?

I’ve owned her wonderful Tarot book for many years and it’s always open at my side when I lay out the cards.

Marilyn Schlitz of the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) did a lovely memorial tribute to her that you can see here.

She’s always been on my mental list of people with whom I’d like to study when time and money allow and I’m so sorry that won’t happen.  Rest in peace Angeles.

Sunday Peace Time

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Sorry I missed last week — after lots of days of not sleeping I kept being on the wrong day.  Got on track for the FB page for this but then went back to the delusion it was still Friday before I came back to do this one.  Oh well.  I tell myself that sleep deprivation is helping me learn I can’t control everything or keep my mind on track all the time…

Hope you’re looking forwarding to spending at least 10 minutes chanting or meditating for peace today.

Collective Prayer Sundays:  In case you’re new, we’re finding 10 minutes at a minimum to pray or chant or meditate (or???) for peace every Sunday.  Details are on the CPS page.  For comments:  you can comment here or on that page or you can go to the Facebook page.

8 tips for navigating today’s wild and woolly energies (audio inspiration 6:14)

Originally posted on be whole now:

Gustavo-Ortiz-Self-Portrait-No-50Nothing changes like change! These eight tips first appeared here in August 2008, then again in May 2010. Timeless — just like your indomitable spirit.

Feeling a certain sense of urgency, a quickening coupled with a tremulous entry into a new dimensional framework? Or does it seem as though you’re all dressed up with no place to go quite yet? Think: Have you asked for new beginnings, prayed for expanded opportunities to serve, invited clearing and release of all manner of limitation, lack and scarcity?

No need to strive for a response: your answers aren’t really all that important. Wherever you are, here are eight handy tips for embracing today’s unsettled energies with a  modicum of ease, grace, and humor.

Maintain your highest frequency of energy and thought. If that means pulling back from negative, depressive, pessimistic, stuck, or energetically toxic people, so be it. If that means calling or…

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Solitude, loneliness and the journey

The Silence Of Loneliness

The Silence Of Loneliness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today’s post from Nadine Marie on Aligning with Truth struck me deeply (her posts often do) and I’ve been mulling it over since I read it.

I’m an only child, so solitude became normal from a very early age.  Long ago one of my friends commented that I am more content to be alone than anyone she’s known.  For many years, though, alone felt lonely.  Then I reached a place where I could just be in my own company and feel perfectly content.

Because I do it so easily I don’t always notice when alone has become permeated with loneliness.  Over a year ago, I lost my place to teach yoga and haven’t had the heart to find another so one source of being out with people has been gone.  At the same time the unwinding head/sleeplessness issues have impacted my social life — I often bow out on events because I just don’t feel up to it.

But in recent months I’ve been realizing that I’ve become too isolated.  Which led to trying to decide what I want to do about that.  It’s kind of an issue for me.  I tend to define myself as outside — though I’m finally realizing it’s also true and who I am is outside the norm–but that’s another story for another post.  I’ve also struggled a bit ever since I moved here from northern California with feeling like I don’t quite fit.

To some extent that’s always been true. Though my parents are both native Kentuckians and my southern roots are many and deep and long, I was raised in the north.  I wound up a little too southern for the north and a little too northern for the south.  (My grandmother’s favorite accusation when she didn’t like my manners or behavior, “That’s what you get for raising her up there with those damn yankees…”)

Like Nadine, I lived in the midst of seekers on a similar path for some years.  My apartment was attached to my teacher’s house and I met most of my friends one way or another through her or her workshops.  Events, celebrations and ceremonies happened there all the time.  A lot of our social lives involved going to pujas, zikrs, meditations, etc.  My whole life was immersed and, though many of us favored different paths, we had in common a desire to go deep and somehow we shared very similar philosophies even though we each might study a different type of spirituality.

When I moved, there wasn’t a lot going on in my new place.  That has changed, but as I’ve wandered from one group to another I’ve not really found a place that fits.  Also like Nadine, I don’t want to sound like there’s a sense of superiority.  Most people are at a different stage than I am or are just on a path so different that I don’t feel like we “get” one another.  Just different, not better or worse or less or more.

At the same time that more is going on spiritually speaking, this is still an area with a lot of folks who associate my beliefs with the devil.  Where the more mainstream types don’t share my beliefs at all.  So a lot of the time I feel I have to keep my mouth shut.  And really that also includes most of my family.

I’ve networked more here than anywhere I’ve ever lived so I know a lot of people.  There are a few particular people that I love spending time with.  I kind of like being with 1-3 other people at a time rather than big gatherings.  So I mostly organize coffee or lunch with one or two people occasionally.  But still casting about for that communal feeling I had when I lived in Marin.  I didn’t get to make my annual trip out there this year and I could have used those long heart-to-hearts and the sense of renewal those visits give me.

Since a solitary path has been so much a part of me it didn’t occur to me that lots of other seekers feel alone or outside.  Or that some of my loneliness arises from being on a path that’s not the norm instead of from me being me.  No answers at this stage, just noticing it and wondering what, if anything, to do…  And whether this is just part of this path.

Lightbulb moment… the feeling of dreams

Christmas Lightbulb

Christmas Lightbulb (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Recently I experienced one of those aha moments when light seems to arrive from nowhere.  It’s had me reflecting about those moments and how they arise.

In nearly thirty years on this journey I’ve had many of those moments without exploring them.  In recent years I’ve been noticing that they often have their own time.  If you’re not mentally, emotionally, and/or spiritually ready to receive the information you may not notice it or, upon noticing, you may not understand it on a level deep enough to integrate it.

I’ve often read a book and literally did not see one or more messages in it.  Later I might return to the book with a new perspective and note passages my consciousness ignored the first time.  Or receive the same message with different phrasing or a different teaching attached and suddenly get it.

The latest light bulb that flashed on for me regarded dreams and the feeling tone that magnetizes them.  I knew the concept from somewhere close to the beginning of the journey and my mind understood the words from the get go.  I just didn’t really have a place to put the words.  My body and emotions were far too numb to feel very much.  And SO many issues stood between me and my dreams.

This time several sources arrived at once (sadly, I don’t remember what they were) and a post on Brenda’s Blog (she actually had a few posts that mentioned this and I’m having trouble narrowing in on the precise one but this link gets you to one of several that were around the same time) put the light on.  The message talked about following the dreams you love the most.  I started thinking about my dreams and realized that I’ve kind of ignored or back-burnered the ones that have the most pzazz for me.  They’re also the ones I felt I “shouldn’t have”.

When I gave myself permission to want what I want and began envisioning them I noted the excitement and got it for the first time that that is the feeling tone all those teachers talked about.  Once I sat in the feeling and held the visions and accepted that the dreams I love are the ones that are meant for me, I completely understood that the Universe is supporting them.  It’s easy to hold that place of excitement when I KNOW every day that my dreams are in progress.

Again, I’ve spouted words about the Universe and its support and visions and dreams for years.  I just never understood it so deeply and profoundly before.  Never knew how to reach the feeling tone that so many books and teachers described.

I think I had to peel a lot of layers before I arrived at the right space to take in the message.  I’ve seen that a lot with many people over the years.  One message or another just doesn’t sink in until they’ve hit that right moment.  There’s no point in being impatient with yourself or feeling you’ve done it wrong; when the moment is right the right teacher or comment will appear and suddenly it’s clear.

Too Big For Our Boots


This issue is SO familiar to me — and, as always, Alison and Don have such great insight.

Originally posted on Adventures in Wonderland:

South America was a key. Things changed during that trip. It was during that journey that we greatly expanded our limits on spending, and started to afford things simply by affording them, simply by saying yes. South America generally was more expensive than India and Southeast Asia and initially that was a bit of a shock, but we came to accept the reality of it fairly quickly. Besides where would we go? We weren’t about to fly back to India because it’s cheaper there. Then various adventure possibilities came to our attention that were significantly more expensive than we normally would have entertained. The two most striking examples were the three-day overland journey throughBolivia, and the eight-day cruise around the GalapagosIslands. We just kind of shrugged and paid what we needed to pay. There was no point in even thinking about the money because we knew…

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Be Peace today

cloud for bluegrass blogPlease, if you can, find at least 10 minutes today to pray or chant or meditate for peace. Eliminate something in you that isn’t peace. Have a ceremony for peace.  You pick.

Collective Prayer Sundays:  In case you’re new, we’re finding 10 minutes at a minimum to pray or chant or meditate (or???) for peace every Sunday.  Details are on the CPS page.  For comments:  you can comment here or on that page or you can go to the Facebook page.